Attitudes to food today

Today we live in a world were everything is packaged or boxed everything is excess and on demand 24 hours a day! Is it any wonder we see the levels of obesity rising. According to to data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) 2003–2006 and 2007–2008. 2/3 of adults in the US are overweight or obese! 2/3 that really is astounding that for every 3 adults in the US 2 are overweight or obese.

Where has this trend emerged from?

Since our humble beginnings as a society we’ve seen some key changes in the ways in which we consume. We can go back to the cave man times where we were strictly hunter gathers and ate whatever we could catch or find. This was purely to survive yet even they had the tendency to store food if possible! (did we ever have a chance!) the activity involved in capturing their food and the sporadic nature of their finds meant that levels of type 2 diabetes and back fat were quite uncommon amongst cavemen (ask your doctor!!).

Flash forward to the 40′s rationing during the war meant that certain items were heavily controlled and access to sugary and fatty goods prohibited. As a result more people became healthy. At the same time as the rationing a new barbeque themed restaurant was becoming popular out in San Bernadina. Its aim was to take off where the white castle chain had started its “fast food” and by 1948 this was beginning to take a hold. Kids and adults alike who had grown up through the harsh austere years of rationing were enthralled with this new easy and quick restaurant. Flash forward to today and you can barely walk through a town center on the globe where you cannot see the glowing arches. Again I’m not blaming McDonalds (notice I didn’t even need to mention the name for you to know who I was talking about) for the rise in obesity they were just filling a demand it was us the people who created Mcdonalds if we had not been enticed by the shiny packages and lure of quick cheap food then there would be no McDonalds as it exists today. It is largely due to their success that they are seen as the beacon of obesity with films such as Morgan Spurlock’s Super Size Me capitalizing on this. That could just as easily been directed at the other chains who followed the Mcdonalds franchise and are equally as omnipresent on our high streets and in our towns.

It’s not necessarily that eating the food is bad for you (I happen to love the UK version of the curry sauce (not so keen on the us one) a view which is shared by a top UK food critic who waxed lyrical about its delights in an article I once read in a UK broadsheet) it is the new trend though that has emerged of I want I get now. Even driving passed the golden arches lures you in like sirens on a rock guiding you in then tempting you with the allure of going large or adding extras. Damn its hard to drive past a McDonalds without considering a detour! This instant gratification has seeped into our grocery stores and affected the foundations of our eating habits. Again you cant blame the companies they are filling a demand it is down to us as individuals to limit our exposure and educate ourselves to eat proper wholesome foods as promoted in my nutrition guide. Turn you taste buds around and learn to enjoy proper food fast food is a treat not part of your daily essentials. Open your cupboards now count the recognizable unhealthy brands in there set yourself a challenge of substituting for healthier replacements and do this again in 30 days! The difference will be astounding! In the mean time don’t let the sirens lure you in! take control of your lifestyle.