How to Protect My Handsome, Gentle Sons from Domineering Women

Source: By DAVID EDDIE Times sure have changed. At least here in the West. My wife, Pam, is thrilled and excited to have three young boys turning into young men. And so am I, of course. But she’s worried for them: because they’re boys. Because they’re nice, handsome, gentle boys. She’s afraid some domineering woman […]

Hockey Bag of Memories

Source: By DAVID EDDIE The New Year has seen one transformation: I have become a full-on “hockey Dad.” (Though perhaps with a bit of a twist: I take my kid not in a minivan but on the streetcar to practices and games, with his giant duffel bag full of equipment.) Does this mean I’ve given […]

Pandemic Hogwash

Here, infectious disease specialist, Dr. Neil Rau, talks about why he thinks this alert may be overblown, just a little. Q: As of Friday last week, there were 29,669 confirmed cases in 74 countries and regions, including 145 deaths. It’s hard to ignore the numbers. Is this pandemic alert hogwash or not? A: It does […]