Vancouver to Banff

Amidst streets swept clean of shattered glass, amongst commuters and backpackers alike, the chinook decelerated along Granville Street and pulled up beside the hostel – and thereby augmented my anxiety. Hauling our possessions out of the SameSun, Michael and I waved at Lorna of The Roamantics as she stepped out of her vehicle. With ride […]

Ten Reasons To Go Hitchhiking

Ten Reasons To Go Hitchhiking (no it ain’t suicide) It seems like the new-age hitchhikers would stick their thumb out and wish for the best for reasons drastically different to those hitchhiking in the olden days. Back then the fundamental purposes of hitchhiking mostly revolve around getting from location to destination at minimal expenses – […]

The Gesture Of Kindness

This is a tribute to someone who epitomises the kindness displayed by people I’ve met along Grand Canadian Hitchhike. Coming out of The Commodore, refreshed by the pints we’d gulped in celebration of our arrival in Kamloops, our thoughts turned to recuperation – Michael and I had been hitchhiking since 12 hours prior and, with […]

Grand Canadian Challenge

I have a weakness for alcohol – it renders me susceptible to over-zealous persuasions. Which is how, when I met up with my friend Corrie, I ended up pledging my participation to a list of challenges she’s dared me to accomplish. Needless to say, I’ve diligently scrutinised this ‘list’ and scheming to put a tick […]

Dressing The Hitchhiker

One of the greatest mysteries – and masteries – of hitchhiking lies with the humble luggage. Few other methods travel place so much reliance upon the process of packing, since stuffing your bag with the right things may well determine the success and failure of your venture. Nor can achieving a balance have such substantial […]

Come Along, Schroeder

Serendipity, n. [ser-uhn-dip-i-tee]: an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident. Since Sarah dropped out of the Grand Canadian Hitchhike three weeks before my departure from London, I had pretty much come to terms that I’d be hitchhiking across Canada entirely by myself. The sheer thought of the distance between Vancouver and Halifax was sufficient […]

Grand Canadian Hitchhike: The Origins

Bleak – a befitting depiction of the evening. Indeed, as every shedding of leaf coincides with a drop of temperature, as the days grows darker by every pulse, as summer clothing crept deeper and deeper into the wardrobe, autumn has truly befallen upon us. I craved escape. It had been several months since I returned […]