The birth of your child is one of the most important days of your life. Everything that happens prenatally and at the labour and birth can have profound effects on the baby, all the way into their adulthood. Think about how much planning, communication and money is put toward an event such as a wedding. […]


The role involves supporting and assisting the parents as they enter this new phase of life. Our support is different for each couple, as every pregnancy and labour is unique. It may take the shape of improving communications between the hospital staff and the laboring couple. It may be to provide an independent and expert […]

About Daleks

Where do I begin with Daleks? There is so much wrong with this classic villain that it’s hard to know how they’ve managed to survive relatively unchanged for forty five years. My best guess is that rather counter intuitively that the most feared race in the universe has become a familiar, warm and cuddly reminder […]

Jump Higher Training – Lift Less To Gain More

Jump Higher Training – Lift Less To Gain More! Why Is This? This is a Solid Principle that you are going to be learning today and most of today’s vertical jump training is CLUELESS about this principle. And to be totally honest, athletes who don’t know this will never achieve a high vertical jump! This […]

Constitutional Rights. Who needs em?

Over the weekend President Obama signed the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act. Hold on to your britches boys and girls because this bill is a bitch. A version of the NDAA bill is passed every year with different adorable little add on’s and amendments each time. However, the changes for this year remind us that […]

Oh God No, Not Again

Here we are again, the start of the end. It would appear that the new Doctor Who production team loves anagrams as much as Russell T Davies. Shit. How do we know this information? From whence did the revelation come? Well, blame The Guardian – which it seems is the hot place for Doctor Who […]