Constipation in Children

Constipated Babies

Many families go to very traumatic event while the child refuses to stool and when he or she finally does all the family go to the same experience. Many families also suffer with the trauma of a child soiling his/her underwear at home, or school producing significant embarrassment, many or all of the families go without understanding these situations. Reading to this E-book section, you will learn why this happens,how to eliminate it and prevent it.

Treating Constipation in Children

After medication is available and prescribed under medical supervision, it is very important for the parent and patient to see if the stool consistency is harder than mashed potato. If so, then a small adjustment can be made by increasing the medication amount based on the stool consistency until the desired consistency is achieved. If the stool becomes too soft, such as pudding or even watery, then adjust by small decreasing intervals until the stool becomes as soft as mashed potatoes again. Once the stool is kept soft, continue adjusting up or down, depending upon the consistency, for the indicated period of 6 to 24 months without stopping the medication.