Constitutional Rights. Who needs em?

Over the weekend President Obama signed the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act.

Hold on to your britches boys and girls because this bill is a bitch.

A version of the NDAA bill is passed every year with different adorable little add on’s and amendments each time. However, the changes for this year remind us that apparently the United States Constitution is just a suggestion and holds no merit when it comes to the rights of US citizens.

Seriously!?!?! The US Senate approved this bill with a vote of 86-13. Keep this number in mind when you realize that only 13 of our US Senators voted against violating the constitution and taking away a right of every single American citizen.

This NDAA bill that Obama just signed should warm the hearts of all citizens with the cozy thoughts of living in a fascist society.

Now, thanks to our trusted representatives in Washington, the United States executive branch will the EXPLICIT authority to order and allow our military to seize any person, INCLUDING but not limited to, United States citizens for indefinite detainment and without rights.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME CONGRESS!?!?! Republicans and Democrats alike should be hanging their heads in shame for supporting a bill that gives the White House unrestricted power to detain US citizens who are seen as potential ‘terror’ suspects indefinitely and without a trial.

Keep in mind that currently the definition of what is and can be considered as potentially terroristic is so vague that every US citizen is at risk of being detained indefinitely, without charge or trial.

According to the Department of Justice, a person with missing fingers is suspect and may be characterized as a terrorist. Hope no one had any accidents in shop class because your ass just became a terrorist. Oh, and don’t think that the fact that you are a US citizen matters, because it doesn’t.

Any person who owns a gun may be seen as being suspect and may be labeled a terrorist.

Anyone with weatherproofed ammunition is potentially a terrorist.

Anyone with more than seven days of food stocked in his/her house maybe considered a potential terrorist.

So now US citizens with missing fingers, hunters, gun activists, and hoarders are all potential terrorists and the executive branch can chose to deny them their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS by ‘legally’ holding them in detainment for as long as they damn well choose.

So I guess that whole United States Constitution thing guaranteeing all citizens the right to a fair and speedy trial is no longer important.

OH, and that whole Sixth Amendment thing guaranteeing a citizen the right to “NOT BE DEPRIVED OF LIFE, LIBERTY, OR POVERTY, WITHOUT DUE PROCESS OF THE LAW” is just a joke that was written in for good measure. Hilarious.

This bill is simply unacceptable, unconstitutional, and anti-American.

And why is it that legally denying a US citizen his/her constitutional rights the only bi-partisan issue Congress has agreed on in four years?