Jump Higher Training – Lift Less To Gain More

Jump Higher Training – Lift Less To Gain More! Why Is This?

This is a Solid Principle that you are going to be learning today and most of today’s vertical jump training is CLUELESS about this principle.

And to be totally honest, athletes who don’t know this will never achieve a high vertical jump!

This is how Powerade Slam Dunk Champion and 7X ACC High Jump Champion Adam Linkenauger trained at Clemson University!

This is how Olympic Teams (all sports) worldwide train.? And this is how powerlifters and world’s strongest men also train.

Listen, you probably won’t find this anywhere else but here and in Adam’s Become A Freak V2 System – when related to vertical jump training.

So, how does it work…

When you lift weights, you damage your muscle cells to the point that your body and mind say, “My muscle cells got OWNED by the weight.? Therefore, I need to build better, stronger muscle cells so that next time those muscle cells can handle that weight.”

In other words…

We lift and work out in order to damage our muscle cells, which in turn will heal and grow bigger and stronger!? Pretty cool huh?

Now, hopefully this will make sense…

So by lowering your reps and adding more weight, your muscles are getting owned and your mind and body begins to fight back by building stronger muscle tissue.? It’s a beautiful thing!

But, on the other side of the coin…

You folks that crank out reps of 10 over and over again, your muscles are saying… “This sucks and I’m bored, I’m just gonna quit!”

And in turn, your mind and body are gonna say, “Well, that wasn’t very heavy, but my muscles are lazy as crap… so I am going to build them with slow twitch, non-explosive well enduranced muscle fiber so they can lift LIGHT weight for longer.”

This in NOT what we want…

We want to build strong, explosive, fast twitch muscle fiber and the best way to make this happen is by using a heavy weight, low rep scheme!

A 5X5 (sets X reps) scheme is perfect for this!

I hope you “get” this philosophy and utilize it.? It’s legit and you will notice steady gains in your lifts which will transfer over to gains in your vertical jump!

Become A Freak V2 will show you the way!