How To Get Rid Of A Stye Today

The question of how to get rid of a stye has been asked by a large number of people who have experienced this medical condition. Stye eye is embarrassing, painful, and uncomfortable. Thus, it comes as no surprise why people are trying to find ways in removal. What is a stye? Also called hordeolum, it […]

Attitudes to food today

Today we live in a world were everything is packaged or boxed everything is excess and on demand 24 hours a day! Is it any wonder we see the levels of obesity rising. According to to data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) 2003–2006 and 2007–2008. 2/3 of adults in the US […]

How to Protect My Handsome, Gentle Sons from Domineering Women

Source: By DAVID EDDIE Times sure have changed. At least here in the West. My wife, Pam, is thrilled and excited to have three young boys turning into young men. And so am I, of course. But she’s worried for them: because they’re boys. Because they’re nice, handsome, gentle boys. She’s afraid some domineering woman […]

Hockey Bag of Memories

Source: By DAVID EDDIE The New Year has seen one transformation: I have become a full-on “hockey Dad.” (Though perhaps with a bit of a twist: I take my kid not in a minivan but on the streetcar to practices and games, with his giant duffel bag full of equipment.) Does this mean I’ve given […]

Pandemic Hogwash

Here, infectious disease specialist, Dr. Neil Rau, talks about why he thinks this alert may be overblown, just a little. Q: As of Friday last week, there were 29,669 confirmed cases in 74 countries and regions, including 145 deaths. It’s hard to ignore the numbers. Is this pandemic alert hogwash or not? A: It does […]

Black Nail Polish Incidents

Yuki Hayashi Driving to gymnastics yesterday, The Little Nutball, apropos of nothing said, “E. [she hasn’t used “Daddy” since she was 3], after gymnastics, can we go to Home Depot so you can buy wood to make a coffin for me?” Our Tiny Nut has been lobbying hard for her very own full-size DIY vampire […]

Constitutional Rights. Who needs em?

Over the weekend President Obama signed the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act. Hold on to your britches boys and girls because this bill is a bitch. A version of the NDAA bill is passed every year with different adorable little add on’s and amendments each time. However, the changes for this year remind us that […]

Abortions available by…video?

In the ten years since the FDA approved the abortion pill, a lot has changed. There was a migration from France, where it was first available in 1988, to this country, after 12 years of heated debate. Then came the name change. Originally dubbed RU-486, the medication is now known as mifepristone (and marketed as […]

Bee Pollen on Wikipedia

Now days, many people tend to use Wikipedia as a way to search and look up information that they may be looking for.  It is a great tool that can help to broaden your knowledge of various things, and you can find virtually anything on it. Not many people trust Wikipedia, but if you make […]

Constipation in Children

Constipated Babies Many families go to very traumatic event while the child refuses to stool and when he or she finally does all the family go to the same experience. Many families also suffer with the trauma of a child soiling his/her underwear at home, or school producing significant embarrassment, many or all of the […]

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