Symptoms and Treatment of Biotin Deficiency

Biotin can be a watersoluble B complex vitamin. It can be called vitamin or vitamin B7 H. It’s vital for the production of fatty acids and cell growth and the metabolism of amino acids and fats. For example, it can help your hair growth, here are some details about this. Biotin deficiency is uncommon but may cause serious problems. Supplementation of biotin might help enhance and blood sugar levels that are lower. The vitamin will help decrease the numbness and tingling which is correlated with poor glucose levels. It may also play a part in preventing diabetic neuropathy.


Some first symptoms that may happen from deficiency of biotin are fungal infections, hair loss, dry skin, brittle hair, seborrheic dermatitis, and rashes. A few other symptoms which can be connected with this type of deficiency are weakness, anemia, sickness, appetite loss, depression, conjunctivitis, dandruff, psoriasis, eczema, and decrease of muscle reflexes. Biotin deficiency is essential because it may cause severe problems if it’s left untreated to treat immediately. When the deficiency is left neglected in a person, it may produce symptoms like changes in mental status, muscle pains, hyperesthesias (strange increase in stimulation) and parenthesia (sense of tingling skin), problem, hallucinations, and numbness and pain of limbs.

You always need to contact your doctor about your symptoms before attempting to self-handle.


Biotin deficiency can result from eating excessive quantities of raw egg whites. You will have to be consuming rather a high number of eggs daily to have this occur. This protein is disabled once the eggs are cooked, although uncooked egg whites have a protein called avidin, which firmly binds to biotin.

Newborn babies are more prone because they don’t have any good bacteria within their bodies yet to have a deficiency. The good bacteria within the body helps you to produce biotin. You’re also more prone should you be taking antibiotics to have this kind of deficiency since it kills the bacteria within the body. Individuals which have a low calorie diet are in a greater risk to be poor since they might not be eating enough food with enough nutrients.


Biotin that the average person should have in a day’s recommended quantity is about 200mcg. Biotin deficiency could be treated with having a diet which includes meals which are great sources of this vitamin. Some food which are good sources are soybeans, and steak, nuts, poultry, brown rice, fish, walnuts, cheese, milk. Biotin supplements are additionally obtainable in many different dosages at several shops.