The role involves supporting and assisting the parents as they enter this new phase of life. Our support is different for each couple, as every pregnancy and labour is unique. It may take the shape of improving communications between the hospital staff and the laboring couple. It may be to provide an independent and expert view on the options that the laboring couple has to choose from at key stages during labor. It may also be to assist you in your preparations, preparing an individually tailored birth preferences plan, staying with you during labor and being an emotional and physical support and helping you make informed choices.

There are different opinions surrounding pregnancy and birth choices, but there is only one that really matters and that is YOURS. Whatever you want your birth to be natural or medicated, vaginal or c-section, at home, hospital or birth center we will respect your choices, inform your decisions and help you achieve the birth that you want to have. We work with doctors and midwives in Canberra and Queanbeyan to empower your birth experience.


Throughout millennia, women have generally had other women at their labour and birth to provide support. It is only in very recent times in modern Western settings that parents are left alone to labour, often in a small, confined hospital room, where the midwives check on their progress via monitors connected to a central screen, and the Dr comes at the last minute to “deliver” the baby. Labouring mothers enter a state of “labourland” and desire an experienced, non-judgmental, nurturing, empathetic woman by her side. Such birth support companions are employed by the parents, not the hospital, and advocates the parent’s choices and wishes.

The term actually comes from the ancient Greek meaning “a woman who serves”. A doula is not a midwife and does not perform any clinical or medical tasks.